GAC – Traditional Media & Social Media…Hand in Hand

By. Michael Ogden, CUNA Mutual Group

We are just days away from this year’s Government Affairs Conference (GAC) out in D.C. And from what I’m hearing, it’s going to be like Social Media Christmas!

Credit unions, CU Leagues, the Crashers, trade media, and organizations like ours are looking at GAC as another major evolutionary step in engaging our audiences using all sorts of social media platforms. And what’s going to be the big social media tool at GAC? Video!

The integration of YouTube and Vimeo and even Twitter’s latest video edition, Vine are all integral parts of our smartphones and tablets. Think about it – there are basically 4,000 people that’ll be walking around GAC – most have a smartphone. And all of those smartphone users have the ability to shoot video, photos and engage with their audiences as they walk from the trade show floor to the breakout sessions to “Hike the Hill.”

For instance, we will be on Twitter to provide any and all information all day for those who aren’t able to attend GAC. But also, we plan on using Google+ to its fullest video potential! You’ll see a number of live Hangouts On Air we’ll broadcast on certain important industry topics as well as some fun stuff.  Even the Crashers are going to take a more significant role in our social media production – especially when it comes to actually “hiking the hill.” Watch for that! Really…video, video, video!

What I really want to point out is this: I have it on good authority (but I won’t say any names yet) that there are many credit union organizations who, for the first time, will have a heavy video presence on social media at GAC. Why? Because that’s what the audience wants! Video is such a great complement to a news story. The “reading” audience can absorb the full story and then turn to the video for extra insight and personality that you just can’t get from the typed word.

So I’d ask those of you attending and not attending GAC at the end of the month, pay attention to what’s happening at GAC using traditional media channels and social media channels. And see what kind of information you get from each and what helps connect you to the important issues and industry-changing stories that will be coming out of GAC. You’ll notice that traditional media and social media are closer to becoming one information channel.

Michael Ogden

Michael Ogden

Michael has been in the social media business for more than a decade inside the credit union, technology, financial and food industries. He’s the founder of For3, LLC, which ... Web: Details

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