Get more loans with product sampling

by. Anne Legg

Product sampling is a tactic to introduce a target market to a product in a tangible way. It generally involves products being given away for free in small quantities. Why? Product sampling attracts consumers’ attention, builds trust in the product and can aid in moving consumers to purchase.

There are various kinds of product sampling, including venue-based sampling, special events, selective groups and guerilla street teams. You’ve seen this done effectively when you receive a food sample in grocery store and then purchase the item you just sampled.

If you’re selling consumer packaged goods, product sampling makes a lot of sense.

But what if you’re a credit union? Your products are financial services, and it’s not like you can afford to start giving money away all the time.

Does that mean product sampling is impossible for a credit union? Improbable, perhaps – but not impossible.

Sampling is all about convincing a consumer of the comparative benefit a product offers.

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