Get objective about job performance

Measure staff output through metrics.

Assessing information technology (IT) employee performance is a blend of the subjective and objective, notes Mike Atkins, vice chairman of the CUNA Technology Council and CEO of Open Technology Solutions.

“But,” he adds, “the more objective you can make that assessment by including some sort of metrics, the better off you are.”

One metric at Texans Credit Union in Richardson, Texas, measures how well the IT department responds to service requests from employees in other departments.

The IT department handles approximately 12,000 such requests each year, notes Charlotte Morrison, chief information officer. “We set a goal of responding to each of those requests within a certain amount of time,” she says, and Texans tracks success rates.

Another metric stems from the internal surveys the credit union conducts to measure how well its departments serve each other. The IT department sets a target score for service satisfaction.


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