Get social: Credit union member service done right through social media

Embracing the ‘social’ in credit union member service

Social media is the absolute BEST place to embrace Credit Union member service. For small business and Fortune 500 companies alike, business owners cannot avoid this ’fad’ any longer. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere. So whether you are a small community bank, a local restaurant chain or a national conglomerate, here are some tips to get you into the ‘social’ mindset of customer service.

Here are 5 tops tips to help you maximize your Social Media approach to customer service…

1. Don’t Hide Behind Closed Doors
All too often Credit Union staff worry that a negative comment or post will hurt their business, and undoubtedly we’ve have seen this happen. But what hurts a business more are complaints that are allowed to fester, and not be positively addressed.

Instead, why not embrace the opportunity that Social Media offers to improve your member’s experience with your Credit Union! Approach these posts from a ‘we will use this experience as a learning opportunity’ perspective. And then do just that!! When negative comments WILL be a problem is when others see a pattern of poor treatment that is not changing or quickly remedied.

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