Goals for credit union retargeting campaigns

These days, most people use the internet to research the things they’re interested in. It happens constantly with consumer goods—people read reviews, blogs, tech specs, and anything they can find about their intended purchase. People educate themselves with online content to ensure they make the best decision they can before they pull the trigger.

The same general thing happens with consumers and financial institutions. People rarely just walk into the first branch and open an account before doing a little comparison shopping. Similarly, people look at credit card offerings from different issuers before choosing one. Or they’ll search for who has the best auto loan rates. Or maybe they’re shopping for a home and want to see who can help them out with a mortgage.

It’s uncommon for people to engage a salesperson or representative without doing a little research of their own first. With inbound marketing, your credit union can help them.

But here’s the rub: only about 2% of site visitors make a buying decision after their research. The other 98% leave. Maybe they want to do more research, or maybe something came up—their child knocked over a glass of milk, they forgot something in the oven—and they forget about it.


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