Going on a date with a prospective member

The love of your life is right there. You know it’s time to make your move. You want to impress that special person, to get their attention. But how? There are so many people out there that are just like you!

Method #1
You offer the love of your life $400 to go on a date. How do they react? Most likely, you will be rejected because that’s weird. If they do accept, chances are, you will watch that special person walk away after the date without giving you a second thought.

Method #2  
You notice that your special person is struggling with homework at school, so you neatly prepare a study guide for them. That study guide helps them with their exam so much that they start noticing you! You grab lunch together, go out to movies, and bring them roses on their birthday. Slowly, they develop feelings for you.

Which method will you choose in 2020?
Most would say #2, because loyalty and love are not a transaction – they require time and attention. But in 2019, many financial institutions used promotions such as “Open a checking account and receive $400….” Is this the best way to start a relationship with a prospective member?

Instead of giving them $400, what if you provide them with something more valuable? A study guide that helps them improve their financial wellness, perhaps?

With Zogo’s financial literacy app, you can now take your prospective members on “a date,” share your story, and watch them slowly fall in love with your institution. Visit www.zogofinance.com to learn more.

Bolun Li

Bolun Li

Bolun Li is a Junior at Duke University majoring in Economics. He is a serial entrepreneur and was awarded AACYF 30 under 30 in 2018 for his previous startup. Today, ... Web: https://www.zogofinance.com Details

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