Good Governance: Many board problems boil down to communications challenges

Directors need to ask good, hard questions—to ‘trust but verify’ in a respectful and professional manner—all toward the good of the credit union.

by Michael G. Daigneault, CCD and Jennie Boden, CU Management

A great number of the governance challenges that we come across in the work that our firm, Quantum Governance, L3C, undertakes with credit unions can be boiled down to matters of communications.

  • Are your board members crossing over into day-to-day operations?  Well … have their roles and responsibilities been clearly defined, updated and effectively communicated to them?
  • Are there two or three members of your board who are coming to meetings ill-prepared each and every month (or even just one)? It’s probably time for your board or governance committee chair to have a heart-to-heart, one-on-one conversation with those directors.
  • Is the relationship between your board and CEO riddled with micromanagement, executive sessions and a lack of trust? It’s possible that you stopped having authentic, open dialogue far too long ago.


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