Good Governance: Meeting again, for the first time

How to return to in-person board meetings and retreats as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down

It’s April 2021 and your board retreat approaches.

Half of your board members—and all of those over 65 or with chronic health conditions—have received a COVID-19 vaccine. New COVID-19 cases have dropped below 60,000 a day nationwide, and the positivity rate in your state is below 5%. Board members debate the precautions they will take to meet in person. One member says she will participate remotely. But one thing is clear: The board will meet in person—for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But how? It’s been so long since many of us have met in person. What will we do together? Will it be the same as before? How will meeting face-to-face improve on our virtual meetings during the pandemic? We recommend following the tips outlined below to have a safe and productive first in-person meeting with your board as the pandemic winds down.


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