Good planning equals excellent results: Here’s how to kick off 2016!

When the new year starts, will your credit union have a clear game plan in place? You’d be surprised how few leaders can answer that question with a confident “Yes!” Too often, good planning falls by the wayside as CEOs and their teams are bombarded by day-to-day issues.

Don’t fall into that trap this year. Predictable Performance in 2016 is a planning guide designed to help credit-union CEOs set a cohesive agenda for the coming year and get the whole team on board—through a few simple exercises. Sitting down to set priorities for the future won’t be a waste of time: research has shown that CEOs who do more advance planning are linked to higher firm-level productivity and profitability.

Once your plan is in place and your team is on the same page, you’ve laid the foundation for consistent, predictable performance—even when the unpredictable happens.

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