The greatest generation loses one of its greatest, Arnold Palmer

Before I get to today’s credit union business, you may have seen that Arnold Palmer passed away over the weekend. If you love sports then you owe it to yourself to know about Palmer. If you hate sports because you think that athletes get paid way too much, then you should also know about him. He is one of the most pivotal sports figures of the twentieth century.  Not only did he bring golf to the masses, but by teaming up with his business partner, Mark McCormick, he created IMG, which became the first major sports agency/marketing business. Athletes from Michael Jordan to Derek Jeter to Peyton Manning owe a debt of gratitude to Arnie.

I think it is appropriate that the 87 year old Palmer passed away on the same weekend that 89 year old Vin Scully broadcast his last Dodgers home game. These two personify why their’s truly was the greatest generation. They not only worked at perfecting their craft but they conducted themselves with dignity and humility, two traits that are in short supply in almost all aspects of our public life these days.  Just watch tonight’s debate and you will see what I mean.

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