Growing your brand is a process not a destination

Don’t rush towards something you know nothing about

Finding your “groove” takes time and effort. Just like dating.

So you are in a relationship and you’ve finally reached the stage you’ve been dreaming of but just when things are great — it starts to become a routine, you forget what it took to get to this stage, you stop being cute and become irritated by every single thing that goes awry.

Your customers are no different.

If you stop being consistent and provide no value to their lives, they will go out looking for someone that will. Your job is to keep them satisfied and to be intuitive with their needs/wants/desires. You need to ask them how they are doing and if you’ve been satisfying their needs. You need to be a good friend and hangout with them. This includes going to the places where they like to hangout and sometimes giving them gifts on special occasions. Remembering anniversaries like the first time you met and first beach day.

Consumers have relationships with brands. Nowadays, it’s more personal than some are willing to admit to themselves. Is it okay? that’s subjective to the person.

From my experiences with building brands and working with consumers, I can see when brands can go too far or participate in events/partners they see no correlation for association. One of the popular reactions to such times is reducing thoughts to “Oh they are just doing it for the money!” and who is to say they aren’t or are? Sometimes it’s an inevitable necessity and other times it could be a stretch for both parties to make some easy cash.


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