Habits to learn and practice

Becoming better leaders means changing our ways. There are many new habits that can make us all more successful leaders, but they require practice.

Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, says in a recent article, “The real success factor comes from the ‘doing’ part – making the things you learn habitual so new neural pathways are created in the brain. When you change your brain, that’s when you can be ensured things will stick.”

With that in mind, here are some habits recommended by Schwantes that, if adopted, will make us more productive and successful:

  • Make more decisions with your heart. “Learning to go with your heart is a much more effective way to make decisions than to get stuck in analysis paralysis,” Schwantes says.
  • Do a five-minute favor for someone. Paying it forward will help your success.
  • Practice the skill of accepting feedback.
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