A handy guide to successful employment screening

Finding a qualified candidate can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. So, when you finally come across that perfect candidate, you want to get them all settled in ASAP. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. Hiring is a complex task with many moving parts—background checks, drug tests, information verification. Talk about exhausting! But luckily, for most of us, this long process pays off in the end, resulting with quality employees and a safer work environment.

Don’t let this process become a daunting one. Check out our handy guide to a successful employment screening below.

1. Ask detailed questions.

Did you know that you can start your employment screening before you even extend an offer? That’s right; the process of screening an employee can start during the candidate’s initial interview. You can get a good feel for a person’s experience by asking questions that require specific details. If a resume shows broad unanswered statements, ask questions that require details about the specific event (e.g., How did you end up with the stated results? What was your specific role at this event?). If your interviewee isn’t confident in their answers or can’t answer at all, that could be a red flag for false claims.

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