Have an employee who’s struggling? Here’s how to help

Leaders of organizations and teams are tasked with keeping their employees on track. High-performers can make your job seem easy – they handle their responsibilities with little oversight or intervention. But the reality is you likely have at least one person on your team who is struggling, and even high-performers experience slumps.

It’s common for leaders to relate better to the high-performers because it’s much easier to give praise than constructive criticism. However, those who are struggling need guidance and extra effort. So how do you handle it? Leadership guru Lolly Daskal has eight tips to help you coach a struggling employee:

  1. Identify the issue. Put your emotional intelligence (EQ) to work by being observant and actively listening to identify what is contributing to the employee’s troubles. Is there something outside of work that is demanding their attention? Are they not being challenged enough? Are they too in the weeds and overwhelmed? You need to understand what is going on before you develop a solution.


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