Here’s how top companies prepare for the future

While we create strategic plans and identify opportunities to pursue down the road, the coronavirus pandemic forced us to adapt and make changes a lot more quickly than we typically plan. Our business models and operating environments look a lot different than they did a year ago, and uncertainty still remains.

So how do we take lessons learned and prepare for the future? A recent article from McKinsey & Company compiles advice from 30 top companies on organizational practices to do so effectively, breaking down nine imperatives within three core questions.

  1. Who are we? Your organization’s mission sets you apart. For mine, it’s our commitment to providing extreme member service in all that we do. Our members are our priority, and we evaluate our products and services through that lens. Here are the imperatives to consider as you build your identity:
    • Take a stance on purpose: Not only does a strong mission for your organization strengthen your relationship with members/customers, it also builds passion and loyalty among your staff. A clear purpose helps you and your team make smart business decisions.


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