Here’s one thing you can do right now to succeed in 2020

What have you done this year? Was it different from what you did last year? Was it more of the same? Most importantly, did it help you achieve the results you wanted? If not, what are you going to change next year to make sure you don’t repeat that lack of success? Maybe you’ve spent the last few weeks—or the last few months—racking your brain and trying to figure out what needs to change.

Some changes are easy. Others are more challenging. Fortunately, one of the easiest changes is also one of the most effective. You need to get a fresh perspective. I know that sounds simple, but I can tell you from personal experience, it works.

Earlier this year, I realized I was stuck. I had been working with the same coach for more than five years. While he had helped my team and me achieve great things, I realized that we all needed a different point of view. I needed someone who could look at us with new eyes, someone who would ask new questions and encourage us to try different things. With that in mind, I started working with another coach over the summer. Just as I hoped, the creative floodgates opened. New questions and new ideas gave me the fresh perspective I was looking for. It did the same for our team.


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