Where are the high-profile breaches happening now?

Recent news that malware was found and removed from registers at roughly 350 Eddie Bauer stores in August brought back not-so-fond memories of the giant retail data breaches U.S. retailers experienced a few years back. Following the Target breach in late 2013 – in which a reported 70 million cards were compromised – a slew of high-profile breaches followed: Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Staples, Sony, the list went on and on.

Data breaches of this type don’t seem to be in the news as often these days. This leads us to wonder, where are the big breaches happening now?

Businesses are still targets: The Identity Theft Resource Center reported 272 known breaches among U.S. businesses, with a stolen record count of nearly 2.5 million. The hitch: The actual number of records stolen is unknown for the vast majority of these incidents. And, in spite of potentially impactful breaches such as the hack of Oracle MICROS (with more than 300,000 terminals nationwide), we have yet to document a  business breach of Target’s magnitude this year.

Healthcare and the government are in the crosshairs: While payment information is still at risk, other types of data have become attractive to thieves. Hacks of healthcare organizations and government personnel files provide fraudsters with personal information such as birthdates and Social Security numbers they can use to “fill in the blanks” on data that’s already on the dark market.

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