Homebuying myths revealed

Sometimes, the housing market can feel like a jungle. Some of you have been on the hunt for months, searching through a forest of homes that hopefully are within your budget, but nothing has really caught your eye or even met half of the items on your preferences list. You’re also having a tough time understanding what questions you should be asking your real estate professional and mortgage loan officer, what you should expect, and what you’re required to do in the homebuying process. You’re not even sure what you can afford, and now you feel like you’re running around in circles.

On House Hunters, the featured homebuyers always manage to quickly choose one house out of three choices. Why does buying a home seem a lot more complicated for you than on the show? First of all, that’s a TV program. Also, the buyers all use a real estate professional, something you may not have considered yet. Third, there are only about 30 minutes to get introduced to the family, hear their list of demands, get an overview of the city they’re moving to, tour three homes, listen to them complain about all the houses, and see them pick one and move in. Come on, buying a home is much more involved than that!

While the homebuying process can be complex and stressful, we’re familiar with the landscape, so we can clear up some of the most common misconceptions.

Myth #1: You don’t need a real estate agent to buy a home.




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