How can credit unions attract new customers through technology?

More and more retail and commercial customers are demanding a seamless banking experience. And it’s not just the centennials and millennials; Gen Xers and baby boomers also want immediate access to bank products and services. Financial institutions will need to leverage technology to meet these expectations if they want to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

To understand how bankers plan to attract new customers through technology in 2020, CSI polled banking executives throughout the country, representing 227 financial institutions from across the asset-size spectrum. The data from this survey was then collected and used to create an executive report to help bankers get a pulse on the industry’s hot topics and strategies.

Our survey asked bankers to rank the technologies their institutions will use to attract new customers. The results? Bankers are digitally focused:

  • Mobile Banking Apps: Bankers know their mobile app is the best way to attract new customers. Given that a mobile app puts your bank directly in the hands of consumers, enhancing its functionality is a smart way to secure and increase your customer base.


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