How can credit unions survive with a cloud solution?

I guess the better question would be “How is your credit union going to survive without a Cloud base solution”?

Now that information technology basically oversees our personal and professional interest (from our appliances to the cars we drive) –  information technology has a part in our everyday life. If a service disruption occurs for your own personal services (cable, wifi, etc.) what would we do? Who do we call? How do we fix it? These are the immediate questions. When referring to disaster recovery for personal matters you hope the companies that provide you services have cloud solutions to get back online in minute or less.

But, what about your credit union and members? Do they also not deserve the same or better personal attention? Putting a credit union cloud base solution in place could be one of the best investments that you will make. This effort would demonstrate your sustainability in a competitive marketplace.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is another name for cloud-based recovery services. DRaaS can  provide your credit union with a competitive advantage.  The pay-as-need-it service helps out a great deal. The “little guy” is not on the hook for an offsite data center, additional IT staff or additional hardware. This service is an option that was not attainable in the past to credit unions mostly due to astronomical costs (think SunGard). Accessibility to your information is your greatest asset during a disruption service. DRaaS services can be as unique as your business, meaning that you should identify all of your company’s possible needs before an event happens, not during a crisis.

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