How does a people-first culture fare during the pandemic?

Dallas-based Advancial has moved its entire back-office team to remote work. Its office space and personnel structure might never be the same, but the credit union is focused on ensuring its culture.

The pandemic has forced credit unions and other businesses across the United States to send employees home and transition into a remote-work environment. Luckily for Dallas-based Advancial Federal Credit Union ($1.8B, Dallas, TX), it’s had a formal remote work program in place since early 2018. That bit of familiarity helped mitigate the disruption resulting from last year’s unexpected operational shift.

“We think we’ve done a great job responding to the pandemic, and our employees’ efforts are the main reason,” says Olivia Thurmond, Advancial’s vice president of human resources. “That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges,”

Smaller But Similar

Two years ago, Advancial digitized certain processes and ironed out technology wrinkles to make remote work easier. At the time, the credit union also started allowing most back-office staff to work from home.


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