How Much Marketing Crap Is In Your Branches?

By. Mark Arnold

Credit union and bank marketers have a lot of good material. That’s the problem: it’s too much. Over time those good individual pieces pile up, pile up and pile up. Eventually it becomes a giant mound of … crap. And nowhere is that pile seen more than in the branch.

As part of our marketing audit process we review a lot of financial institution branches. We examine how many marketing pieces you are displaying. Here are the numbers from some recent clients: 15, 22 and 34. Yes you read that right: one financial institution had 34 marketing pieces displayed in one of their branches. Another still had their Christmas loan promotion material displayed (in March).

It’s an easy trap for marketers. We produce lots of material. The problem is when a promotion ends or a brochure becomes outdated we never pull it. Over time our branches become extremely cluttered with
multiple marketing messages and materials.

Here are some ways to alleviate the clutter:

  • Look for non-credit union/bank material—It’s amazing to see all the marketing our vendors and partners can put in our branches. Watch out for car dealers, warranty companies, insurance and investment platforms, civic clubs and a myriad of other information that has nothing to do with your organization. Your material should trump theirs every time.
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