How strong is your credit union brand?

As a marketer, you know there’s a lot more to your brand than just a logo. It’s the overlap of how you want to be perceived and how people actually perceive you. There’s a lot that goes into both sides of that equation. And periodically, you’ll need to update your brand to make sure it stays strong and relevant.

Here are four elements of a strong brand:

1. Storytelling.
Storytelling is an essential component of good marketing. It captures interest, helps consumers understand who you are, and makes you more memorable. Every time you communicate with your members or community, you should be telling part of your brand story. Think of your brand as a novel and your marketing campaigns as chapters. Then ask yourself why this story matters to your most desired target audience.

2. Consistency.
It’s hard to tell a compelling story if you’re always jumping between storylines. Make a collage using examples of all of your promotional campaigns and member communications from the past 12 months.

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