How strong is your team a year into remote work?

We’ve reached the one-year mark on the coronavirus pandemic. For the past 12 months, my organization has worked remotely – like many of yours, I’m sure – and while I certainly miss seeing my colleagues in person, my team has exceeded expectations and goals despite the crisis.

We were fortunate to have a telework policy in place prior to the pandemic, allowing work from home two days a week, and a couple staff members worked full-time remote. Additionally, over the past few years, we’d beefed up our technology and cybersecurity programs to ensure we could access our work systems safely and securely from anywhere.

While these operational capabilities allowed us to transition to remote work seamlessly, the reason for our success is our people. You’ve heard me tout my organization’s hiring philosophy several times before: We hire for attitude and aptitude.

I recently came across this outlining the characteristics of high-performing remote teams and was pleased to see them reflected in my team.


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