How to calibrate your ethical innovation compass

Keeping multicultural, multigenerational humans in the loop is crucial.

Voices around the ethics of technology innovation are getting louder. It’s no surprise, given some of the emotionally wrought use cases of the day.

As just one example, Amazon recently announced it’s working on a deepfake audio capability to bring deceased loved ones “back to life” through its Alexa virtual assistant. Amazon’s artificial intelligence technology will have the capacity to render high-quality voices using less than a minute of actual recorded audio.

This is the world credit union members live in. And, if they don’t already, they will very soon expect greater transparency around how and why their digital footprints are being used. Credit unions will want to have good answers to those questions.

A Methodical Approach to Responsible Innovation

Developments like Amazon’s deepfake audio bring to mind the adage, “Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.”


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