How to find a credit card that’s right for you

Whether you’re trying to pay off debt or save on gas, there’s a card that fits your needs.

by: Trent Hamm

Credit cards are incredibly useful financial tools. They make shopping quick and easy. They offer rewards for the purchases you normally make. They improve your credit, which helps you obtain loans and a mortgage. They also enable you to pay for things without liquid cash on hand. Those are a lot of benefits in one small package.

However, not every credit card is right for everyone. Every person has a different story and different needs. Here are some ways to find a credit card that’s right for your situation.

If you’re recovering from a bad credit history, your best solution is to find a secured credit card.

With a secured credit card, you offer a deposit towards the credit limit, which provides the card issuer security. In the event that you don’t pay your credit card bill again, the company simply taps your deposit in order to pay the bill (and usually cancels your card). On the bright side, it is a normal credit card, so it will begin the healing process of fixing your credit history.

Many credit unions offer secured cards, so if you’re struggling to rebuild your credit, stop by your local credit union and discuss the secured credit card options.

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