How to finish 2015 with financial finesse

One of the obstacles that many of us still face is reining in our spending and paying ourselves first. Get a head start on your 2016 financial goals by being proactive about what you do with your money for the remainder of 2015. You still have time to do all of the following:

Automate your Payments

One of my friends just told me that whenever she has extra cash lying around, she ends up spending it on silly, insignificant things. As a single mother of two, that money could be used for so many things. I recommended she increase her retirement allocation by having the money automatically withdrawn from her check every month.

If you want to ensure that money is mindfully used toward savings or eliminating debt, take the human factor out of it and set up automatic payments to yourself before the money runs through your fingers like water.

Get a Financial Advisor

Everyone is not going to be a money guru, but everyone will still be responsible for taking care of themselves in the present and in the future. One of the beauties about enlisting the support of a financial advisor or planner is that you have options. Some financial advisors charge a flat fee for their advisement, while others are paid a portion of your complete portfolio. Call up your bank and inquire about their financial advisory services and see referrals from financially “with it” friends about how they manage their investment portfolios.

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