How to identify, strengthen your blind spots

As leaders, taking time for self-reflection is just as important as the time you take to build relationships with your team and develop strategic plans. During reflection, we consider our goals, feedback from others, lessons from failure, strengths, weaknesses and more. With this comes a sense of self-awareness to help us achieve greatness.

It can be hard to sacrifice this time when there’s so much else on our plates – especially things that have concrete deadlines and outcomes, rather than something that’s more abstract. You might think your time is better spent on another project. But, this Inc. article from Marissa Levin highlights how a lack of self-awareness can be detrimental to your success.

First, Levin outlines blind spots that are most common in leaders:

  1. Going it alone because you’re afraid to ask for help.
  2. Being insensitive of your behavior on others (essentially lacking emotional intelligence).


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