How to keep employees motivated during holidays

The holiday season is upon us. While this time of year has plenty of reasons to celebrate, it also adds stress to already busy work and personal lives. Disengagement and that “checked out” feeling among employees can be common.

Leaders of organizations must therefore balance having fun and recognizing good work, while still getting daily tasks accomplished during these busy times. It’s challenging, but with the right strategies and culture in place, is doable. Business management author Rob Wormley has some tips to help keep your employees motivated during the holidays; here are some that really resonate with me:

  • Focus on the positive. Reflecting on our progress – both professional and personal – is important, and the end of the year is often when we look back. For those who haven’t hit their goals, this time of year can be tough as they reflect on failures. Or it can bring up nervousness about what’s to come in the next year. As a leader, you must keep employees grounded by focusing on what they did accomplish, holding them accountable, and exploring how the year’s experiences will set them up for success.


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