How to keep the credit union’s beating heart running during a CEO change

Lisa Ginter became CEO of CommunityAmerica in 2015. She knew that while some changes were needed, there was also plenty worth saving.

When Lisa Ginter became CEO of CommunityAmerica Credit Union($2.9B, Lenexa, KS) in early 2015, she was quite literally handed the gavel of authority from her retiring predecessor.

“We had a big ceremony where our longtime CEO passed the gavel onto me,” Ginter says. Once she accepted it, she made her first act of leadership: presenting a state of the credit union address to the hundreds of CommunityAmerica employees in attendance.

“I told them that this was a change, and there would be more,” Ginter says. “But that what wasn’t going to change was our credit union’s beating heart. We are a people-driven organization that serves to make an impact in our members’ lives.”


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