How to mitigate the risk of using remote monitoring and management tools like Kesaya

Assess your vendors’ use of network-wide access tools and ask questions like these.

Kaseya is the latest company to be victimized by a cyberattack. Like the SolarWinds eventearlier this year, this attack not only affects Kaseya but also hundreds of its clients.

A remote monitoring and management tool, Kaseya is one of the largest and best in the business. Managed service providers and enterprises use Kaseya to remotely manage their PCs, servers and laptops. The tools allow companies to do such things as monitor performance, connect remotely, and manage software updates.

The tools are pervasive and powerful, installed across networks. Unfortunately, this also makes them a big target for hackers, as they can provide access to large numbers of people and systems and the control to push software, like ransomware, to an entire network.

What can organizational leaders do to mitigate this kind of risk?


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