How to overcome writer’s block in one simple step

You need to write something and the words just aren’t flowing, or you re-write the same sentence over and over but it still doesn’t sound right.  You’re blocked.

I’ve heard the suggestion to sleep on it or do something else then come back to it, but I often don’t have time for that.  Plus once I come back to it, I’m usually right where I left off.  Blocked.

This is a simple technique that works for me.

Before beginning, tell yourself, “This doesn’t have to be good.”

Give yourself permission to put down complete garbage.  I write run-on sentences, fragments, and use poor grammar.  I make references only I understand.  I use slang.  I write unrelated sentences, one after the other.

I completely disregard fictionalizing my audience and the importance of clarity.  It sets me free so I can get my thoughts out, however they come to me.

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