How to use analytics to identify at-risk members

Three credit unions share what they’re learning at the leading edge of data diving to spot troubling trends and troubled members as the movement deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is roiling credit union members’ finances in unprecedented fashion, and forward-leaning cooperatives are slicing and dicing data as quickly and deeply as they ever have to find out who’s at financial risk and how much risk is involved, including for the credit unions themselves.

Analytics directors from across the United States regularly talk with about the tools they’re using, how often they’re using them, and what they’re learning about how to use analytics more effectively.

Sharing their insight and best practices below are Daniel Hirschlein of Grow Financial Federal Credit Union($2.8B, Tampa FL), Mike Wiseman of CAP COM Federal Credit Union($2.0B, Albany, NY), and John Sahagian of BCU($4.0B, Vernon Hills, IL).


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