How to warm up for strategic planning

Review external data and trends in addition to internal results. Plus, ask lots of questions.

Athletes warm up because it raises the temperature of their bodies and their muscles, readying them for high performance.

The same is true when board members and executives are getting ready for a strategic planning session. They will perform better if they first warm up their thinking.

Experts in strategic planning suggest that reviewing external data and trends is a good place to start. After doing so, leaders can ask better questions to help move the organization forward.

“Assuming the board is a strategic-thinking board and has input and insight into strategic planning, versus a rubber stamp, there is a lot for a board member to read and study before the (strategic planning) session,” says Deedee Myers, Ph.D., MSC, PCC, CEO of CUESolutions provider DDJ Myers Ltd., Phoenix. “Beyond the data, the board should be prepared to ask numerous what and why questions about data etc., versus accepting the data.”


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