How to win over members with content marketing

The 5 components of a successful strategy

Historically, credit unions have relied on traditional marketing techniques, such as developing brochures, investing in radio advertising, maintaining a strong website, conducting informative webinars, to draw in new members as well as keep themselves top of mind among existing members.

While these marketing methods are still relevant, credit unions must execute additional tactics that put themselves in a leadership position. To be truly visible to members and prospective members today, you must have a coordinated content marketing program that provides consumers with information that educates them on their unique financial needs and how to address them.

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content across digital channels to attract, acquire, and engage with a clearly defined and understood target audience. This new approach has become important because it presents credit unions with unique opportunities to educate members and potential members, monitor reputational risks and engage potential members interactively.

To create a successful content marketing strategy, there are five main components credit unions must consider:

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