How we minimize construction waste to deliver better projects

Facilities projects are incredibly complex and can span years over planning, design, and construction phases. So many moving pieces over time create sources of waste. Left unchecked, this can mean wasted time, wasted materials, and ultimately wasted money.

This is why we proactively identify and eliminate waste, and the integrated nature of our design-build process is instrumental in this effort. We bring all project participants on board from the start. They collaborate and share information beyond the project phase barriers that break up a traditional project. This informs our design and project teams so that we can identify source of risk and waste as early as possible.

Identify Sources of Waste

In Lean project management there is a concept called Mura. Mura is irregularity or unevenness, and in a complex project this is the key generator of waste. With so many interdependent processes happening both sequentially and in parallel, waste in one area can cascade to others.


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