How will your contact center adapt to a new reality?

Change has always had an outsized impact on contact centers. Normally, it has been prompted by mergers, system conversions, marketing programs or new sign-on procedures. But now, those factors pale in comparison to what every credit union contact center has experienced in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much change is affecting credit unions? A recent pandemic impact survey1 focused on credit union contact centers found that 75% of credit unions surveyed had either no processes or only partial processes in place for remote agents. Responding quickly to the pandemic upheaval, 71% of the credit unions moved agents home. Within just a two-month time frame, credit unions have dramatically increased their utilization of remote agents.

With member service starting to stabilize in this new normal, it’s time to look at next steps. As restrictions ease and business returns to something closer to pre-pandemic levels, what is the way forward for your contact center?

Reimagining Your Contact Center

It is not hyperbole to say the old centralized contact center model has been rendered obsolete. The days of all agents working from contact centers are over. Perhaps more than any other department in your credit union, the contact center is forever changed due to COVID-19.


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