HR Answers: 4 health management trends execs need to know in 2021

AI-powered analytics will predict health events and lower costs, but employers can do even more to promote physical and mental wellness.

In the words of actress Lauren Bacall, “Standing still is the fastest way of moving backward in a rapidly changing world.” Businesses today face many challenges in their efforts to keep moving forward. One of the most pressing efforts, especially for organizations with their eyes on the future, is to offer a strong health management strategy.

These are the four health trends that matter this year:

1.  Apply AI-powered Analytics to Identify Opportunities

Artificial intelligence-powered analytics are developing sophisticated algorithms from medical claims, biometric screening data, health risk assessments and pharmacy claims. These algorithms can predict with 95% accuracy if someone will experience a major health event that will land them in the emergency room within the next 12 months.


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