HR Answers: Building and maintaining relationships between back-office and front-line branches

Alabama credit union's branch services team strives to ensure communication and member experience stay at the forefront of operations.

A credit union is much more than monetary values and financial transactions. It’s about the people behind those operations—who can, quite frankly, make or break your organization. Credit union members want to feel well taken care of, and that feeling is derived directly from staff members. Without the understanding of company values and a commitment to uphold them, a credit union is only as good as its weakest member. Cue employee relationships, where the backbone and the heart of the credit union connect to establish morale and create a favorable member experience.

At America’s First Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, great emphasis is placed on staff relationships. The importance of sustaining relationships between our front-line and back-office staff is well known and well reciprocated. This relationship is vital, and each group needs the other in order to provide great member service.

AmFirst’s back-office staff provides certain nuanced assistance to our front-office branches, which ultimately contributes to our overall member services. This chained reaction requires a healthy, functional relationship, and sustaining that relationship is a critical task. To ensure harmony, we emphasize two-way communication and promote the value each department brings to the other: Successful back-end logistics make for more seamless front-office deliverables. Both departments make up the heartbeat of AmFirst and together equal unparalleled member service.


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