HR Answers: Can technology save your managers from burnout?

Tools that foster engagement and consistent feedback can help boost productivity and employee retention.

More than half of American workers are actively burned out, according to a survey conducted by Indeed this spring. Between blurred work-life boundaries, global uncertainty, and social isolation in the pandemic, employees are at risk—resulting in poor performance and higher quit rates.

Your managers are feeling the pinch. Managers experience the same challenging conditions as their direct reports, with the added pressure of leading their teams through these challenges. They’re tasked with cultivating culture and engagement, while maintaining productivity and service levels, often at a distance.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Why Manager Burnout Matters

When burnout pushes managers into a state of crisis, it kicks off a vicious cycle for team engagement levels: Employees with burned-out managers are 73% more likely to say that they are themselves burned out.


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