HR Answers: Employee onboarding vs. orientation

How does your credit union’s program rate?

According to a study from Kronos Incorporated, onboarding is a critical weakness for a majority of organizations, a weakness that stalls new hire momentum and threatens to disengage enthusiastic employees during their crucial first weeks on the job.

The study—“New Hire Momentum: Driving the Onboarding Experience”—was conducted by Kronos and the Human Capital Institute and included more than 350 human resources leaders at U.S. organizations of all sizes and industries. It concludes that organizations must refocus onboarding programs to emphasize high-impact training and development activities instead of administrative new hire paperwork to better position new employees (and the business) for long-term success.

“Starting a new job is exciting, where possibilities are endless and enthusiasm is high,” says Malysa O’Connor, senior director of the HR and payroll practice group at Kronos. “Yet it’s also a time of apprehension and uncertainty, where new hires meet colleagues, learn new processes, and understand how to make an impact at their new organization. Organizations that succeed in capturing that enthusiasm while minimizing other challenges will gain a competitive advantage that is accessible to any business willing to design and deploy a strategic onboarding experience. Modern talent acquisition and onboarding solutions represent the first step in this initiative, as they free up HR from the administrative work associated with new-hire paperwork and empower HR teams to focus on building programs that ensure the long-term success of each employee.”


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