HR Answers: Leverage insights from exit interviews

Credit union leaders can gain powering information about company culture, benefit and policies.

Insights gleaned from exit interviews can give senior leadership teams important guidance on where to make changes in processes, procedures or policies that may be negatively impacting employee satisfaction.

“As a VP of HR, I would compile patterns and say, ‘This is how many people left and here is what we’re hearing about benefits, or compensation or whatever,’” says Laurie J. Maddalena, CPCC, PHR, CEO/chief leadership consultant with Envision Excellence LLC, in Rockville, Md. The human resources department is in a good position to serve as the conduit for this information, spotting the trends that appear to be resulting in turnover.

Exit interviews may even represent an opportunity to “make things right” with an employee about to depart—whether that means they decide to stay with your credit union after all or that they may be more likely to return in the future if the grass really isn’t as green somewhere else as they had hoped. In fact, there has been a growing trend in recent years that is referred to as “boomerang” employees—those who choose to return to a former employer. Ensuring that the exit process is positive and taking steps to maintain positive relationships with former employees can boost the odds that your credit union is considered as a great place to work again in the future.


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