HR Answers: Should you rehire a previous employee?

4 questions to help determine if a former staffer is a good candidate

It’s not uncommon when sorting through a pile of résumés to come across a familiar name. If a former employee applies for a position with the organization they once left, is rehiring them a stroke of luck or a terrible mistake?

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a previous employee is that they are a known commodity: You know their personality, work ethic and skills. That knowledge goes both ways: They know the company’s procedures, culture and goals. If a good fit for rehire, they can offer significantly reduced retraining cost. But how do you decide if they are a good candidate? We offer some criteria to evaluate.

1. What was their past performance? The single most important thing for you to consider is their previous track record. What was their performance while at your credit union? Did they bump along the bottom or continually exceed expectations? Did their coworkers enjoy working with them, or did they sow workplace strife and frustration?


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