HR Answers: The importance of educating Gen Z about employee benefits

3 communication tips to ensure your new employees know their options in these major benefits categories

Onboarding employees takes time, especially for employees who are new to the workforce, such as Gen Z. Benefits plans can be complicated and challenging for brand-new employees, which is why they need education to prepare and plan effectively.

If Gen Z employees aren’t educated on benefits options and how their plans work, they could make decisions that impact their lives and future financial health negatively. Going over benefits with new employees will also increase their job satisfaction and retention.

Health Insurance

For younger Gen Z employees, signing up for health insurance and using their benefits may be entirely new. Many of them have been on their parents’ or on student health plans and may not understand how all of it works.

Take the time to help these employees understand the pros and cons of different available plans, the terminology and how the decision can affect them.


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