HR Answers: Tips for surviving modern interviews

Leveraging common tools and technology can help credit unions of all sizes recruit top talent by smoothing out the interview process.

We’re living in an age where boardroom and office interviews are on the decline and online interviews have become a big part of the current hiring process. The modern interview has become much more thorough, and it can be conducted from the comfort of your computer or even phone screen rather than always being face-to-face.

Prospective employees aren’t the only ones adapting to and benefitting from this new way of interviewing. Businesses are also learning how to execute contemporary interviews properly to select the perfect fit for their team.

Today, 60% of HR managers use or have used video interviewing during the hiring process, and pandemic or not, we don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. Competition for talent today is fierce, and online interviews present both challenges and opportunities regardless of location.

The question is: How can you get through the modern interview process professionally and effectively? Let’s go over some helpful technology and process tips you can utilize for your next hire.


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