Hurricane Sandy: NCUA Examiners Head Counting Sandy-Soaked CUs


Credit unions located in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy are receiving phone calls and emails from their examiners Tuesday as part of the NCUA’s disaster relief response, the agency said in a release.

But rather than talk financials, examiners are surveying operational status, asking if credit unions have had to curtail hours, services or locations. The federal examiners are also offering advice, material and technical assistance as needed.

Further, the NCUA said it is working closely with state regulators and state league organizations so all credit unions know about available assistance.

“Hurricane Sandy is a forceful storm that requires a forceful response,” NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz said. “NCUA is already reaching out to storm-affected credit unions to determine their needs and opening the agency’s toll-free hotline to answer consumer questions related to their financial services options after Hurricane Sandy.”

Under the agency’s disaster relief policy, NCUA will, where necessary:

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