If you need a budget follow these 5 easy tips to get started

According the American Psychological Association‘s survey, which measures causes of stress, money consistently lands near the top with 61% of Americans reporting money-related anxiety. The biggest factor in this stress is overspending. We worry when total expenses (amount spent monthly) exceed total income (amount made monthly), causing mounting debt.

Create a monthly budget to ensure you do not spend more than you make in a month, forcing you to take on additional debt.

Budgeting for Happiness

Although making a budget can seem like a daunting task, learning how to make a monthly budget and use it will save you future financial worries by helping you plan monthly expenses, only spend what you can afford, and by helping you save up for infrequent, unexpected, or large expenses.

The peace of mind which budgeting brings, always knowing how much money you have to spend and whether or not your bills have been paid, is surprisingly powerful.


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