Importance of Developing Top Executives

by Lauren Etter

Take time to communicate and set goals with your senior team

At $1 billion/32,000-member Windsor Family Credit Union, Windsor, Ontario, President/CEO Martin Komsa, a CUES member, knows the importance of developing an executive team that not only communicates well, but also educates each other and the other CU employees.

With that in mind, last year Komsa brought his executive team, all CUES members via CUES Executive Group Membership, to CUES’ CEO/Executive Team Network. “It was a great opportunity to have them exposed to very good material at the conference, plus we had 10-12 hours to discuss the credit union’s strategic development,” he says.

During the conference, Komsa asked to use a meeting room so his team could get together before and after sessions. His team took the information learned in each session and applied it to develop a more successful CU.

Komsa believes this commitment to team communication and development has been a significant factor in the CU’s recent growth. “We had one of the most successful years in our CU’s history,” states Komsa. Windsor Family CU saw a 17 percent growth in assets this past year, up from the CU’s average 10-12 percent growth in previous years.

But it’s not just about the top executives. At Windsor Family CU, Komsa has standard meetings to keep all employees involved, including a weekly executive management meeting, monthly management meeting, quarterly staff meeting, and quarterly CEO round tables, where Komsa meets with each employee to get their take on how to strengthen the CU. Along with each meeting, retail operations staffers set daily goals. “We take communication very seriously,” he adds.

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