Improve your retail investment program

You want your institution’s members to have the best customer experience possible. As you evaluate ways to improve, consider how your retail investment program fits into your overall product mix and helps members meet their life goals and investment needs. Here are six elements to look for in a dedicated investment program partner.

1. Compliance

Your retail investment program partner should work with your state insurance regulators and oversee compliance with regulators and organizations, such as the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), to minimize your institution’s risk and liability and prevent compliance-related issues. Here is what to look for in a partner company:

  • History of compliance and good status with regulators, with minimal listed disclosures and regulatory events
  • Frequent on-site audits and home-office management visits, to ensure advisors and other employees adhere to the program’s guidelines, follow approval requirements, and report transactions properly
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