Reality Check 2016: All the issues you need to know about in one place

Are you tired of going to credit union conferences that revolve around famous speakers and rah, rah, go team motivational sessions, but don’t have enough hard-hitting sessions on the real world challenges credit unions are facing? It’s time to wake up to the credit union conference that is designed around productive, interactive education that is designed to make you and your credit union better, not to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Credit Union Reality Check has grown every year for one simple reason: attendees get to learn about some of the most pressing issues facing credit unions and get real-world views on how to tackle these issues.

Credit Union Reality Check is also about interaction and idea generation. All attendees interact through a remote transponder to give live feedback on key speaker questions and topics. That live feedback can take the session in any direction. In many ways, the attendees are in control.

We urge you not to miss out on this great opportunity to get a true educational experience that is focused on credit unions’ real-world challenges.

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